Building a Sustainable Future

Building Solutions and Integrating Technologies to Ignite your Imagination

FMFN Group of Companies & Breakwater Vantage


The Fort McMurray First Nation Group of Companies (FMFN Group) is the proud business entity of the Fort McMurray 468 First Nation. We are solutions focused business to help meet your environmental and sustainability goals. 

Our business is to develop creative and innovative solutions that focus on the financial strength and long-term value for our clients:

We were founded on the respect and understanding for the natural environment, sustainable development, operational excellence, and innovation and integration of technology across multiple sectors (energy, agricultural, and municipal). We are committed to working with the community, supply chain, governments and industry to develop sound solutions and policies to deliver innovative and off-the-shelf solutions. Now more than ever, we have the obligation to do what is right and ensure outcomes are aligned with social, economic and environmental governance.

Breakwater Vantage is a consulting, owner/independent engineering and operating service company. Our team will deliver clear unbiased solutions to complex problems as either a representative for large capital projects or by dealing directly with the contractors, engineers and suppliers with a focus on ensuring that technical details of the project meet the specifications. Breakwater Vantage understands how valuable your time is, which is why we will work with you efficiently in order to find the right solution for you. Trust and honesty are hallmarks to our success and is enshrined into our core values to deliver accountability and repeatability.

By integrating corporate social responsibility into our business operations, engineering, projects and client solutions, we aim to bridge the gap between technology, clean energy, economically viable and sustainable. Breakwater Vantage supports our clients to identify potential barriers, analyze options and determine the best solution for our clients.

Our people are passionate about our purpose and values. We believe in long-term relationships with our clients, partners, and communities and we are committed to lasting success.

Sustainability is Core to Our Business

Climate change; Market volatility; Rising stakeholder expectations; are transforming the way you do business.

We are strengthening our capabilities to better serve you, with solutions that are relevant for today.
We understand our clients needs are changing and we are responding to help you navigate and adapt to a changing world.

We are committed to provide a new and unparalleled level of client service. Our focus is on end-to-end technical water and energy solutions, with a specialization in cutting edge technology providers and software programs.

We prioritize delivering exceptional service for our clients, communities and stakeholders with a keen focus on accretive value growth.

Our clients can leverage our technical expertise in industrial water treatment, clean energy solutions, sustainability accounting, and asset optimization.

We are committed to our people, doing the right thing, and combining science, engineering and technology to drive sustainable communities